Tesco’s Proposal

The story actually begins many years ago when Asda wanted to move to the area. However, in 2002, it was judged that there was no requirement for another large food retailer in Stirchley and they were turned down.

Around the same time, though, the council revised its planning brief with a view to creating a new ‘Stirchley Town Centre’. Since then a battle has ensued between Tesco and Helical/Midlands Co-Op (who want to build a major non-food retail park, along with 41 new dwellings) to development a brownfield site at Hazelwell Lane.

In 2004 Tesco were granted outline planning permission for their proposal. In 2006 Helical/Midlands Co-Op were granted outline planning permission for theirs. Birmingham City Council then invited both parties to tender for the land it owns and to submit proposals for the relocation of the community centre, bowling club and working men’s club.

In October 2007 the council declared its intention, in principle, to select Tesco as the preferred developer. In the meantime, though, their planning permission had expired. At the end of June 2008 the planning committee decided they were minded to approve the scheme and referred it to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. On the 23rd July, despite appeals from residents and local MP Lynne Jones, the Secretary of State decided not to call-in the application for further scrutiny and referred it back to Birmingham City Council.

Although they previously opposed Tesco’s plans our local councillors are now supporting the scheme. It would involve the erection of a 70,000 square foot Tesco superstore facing onto the Pershore road with a large car park behind. On the unused land next to the British Oak pub would be a small number of retail units, with 8 flats above and another small car park to the rear. The total number of parking spaces across the site would be 503.

The Pershore road would be returned to two-way traffic, although Hazelwell Street would remain one-way. This would mean that anyone travelling towards the city centre would not be impeding. Anyone travelling south though would be confronted by another set of traffic lights to control the flow of vehicles onto the site. The reclamation yard that is currently opposite the British Oak would be cleared to create a ‘public plaza’ in the middle of this extremely busy intersection.

All of the community facilites demolished to make way for the supermarket would be replaced. Although not finalised, in principle these would include:

  • A new community leisure centre on the Bournville Lane Baths site, retaining the old facade. The City Council wish to link up the library with the new community centre and Stirchley Recreation Ground to create a “Civic Quarter” and there is potential to use the former Friends Meeting House next door. Car parking would be provided at the rear.
  • A new Indoor Bowls Centre would be built on the old Phoenix works on Hunts Road/Hazelwell Lane
  • Stirchley United Working Mens Club would be relocated to the “Kwik Save” site.
  • There would be new public open space provision in Hazelwell Park (e.g. play facilities
    for children/young people)
  • There would also be environmental enhancements and public art provision (on the “Co-Op” roundabout).

For a detailed look at the proposal go to www.birmingham.gov.uk/planningonline and search for planning application S/03727/07/OUT


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9 Responses to “Tesco’s Proposal”

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Get on with building this tescos stirchley is turning into a dump and what have the coop done for stirchley?Lets smarten up this area and continue all throgh stirchley as it is full of useless shops takeaways its an eyesore.

What have the Co-op done for Stirchley? They’ve served the community for over 100 years, have ploughed funds into community-based initiatives and are an ethical retailer. I hope that the Tesco store, when it’s finally built and closing all of the local independent trade down gives you what you want Mr Barber. It’ll be too late to start whinging about all that extra traffic and no choice of shops. Think carefully before you welcome this development.

The coop is the most expensive place to food shop by far… i either travel out to Morrisons at Rubery or Tesco’s superstore at Redditch.Mick is right the place is a dump.I don’t see the coop doing anything for redevelopment..What local independent trade are we talking about? curry shops?, lets face there 10 a penny round the city so whats the drama?

I have been a retailer in Stirchley for the last 8 years,and lived here for 53 years. I have watched it decline during this time the support from the local people is none existent that’s why most of the local shops have closed. The support from the council is a joke. All they want to do is open takeaways and offices. they do not seem to care what happens to the area at all.I wish that they would take a good look at stirchley and see what it really needs, no more takeaways,offices, just shops. The quicker they build tescos the better. Perhaps the residents of stirchley will start to befriend the shops and area again instead of going to kings heath and cotteridge.God Bless Stirchley

So children & young people are not forgotten (we are all well aware of the negative impact they can have on a community when they’re excluded, maginalised and left to their own resources), how about a well run Community Amateur Boxing Club come Personal Development Centre? A place where discipline, good behaviour and civic responsibility can be instilled and go hand in hand with health & fitness. Can you imagine the benefit to the area? …a provision for young people that’s open of an evening and weekend with strong links with local schools in the area and operating in partnership with the Police, Connexions, Jobcentreplus etc. Surely suitable premises could be found somewhere within the proposed developments. {Thankyou for reading my comment}

we need an alternative supermarket in stirchley tesco or asda would be brilliant we have no choice other than the coop

in what year is something going to be
done or will it be another 9or10 years
plus looking like bomb hit it now please
a Stirchley United Working Mens Club would good too!!!!! so come on you so called green people get a live!!! and have something new in stirchley not just take away

The properties that have been purchased are sitting empty, boarded but open to the elements. What a waste of housing. Rent them out to council tenants whilst we wait for a decision – if it is overturned at least the properties can be brought back into use – a whole road of empty houses for over 2 years! – What a waste! I’d happily take on the project. Phil

can you just get the new Tesco Built ,As I’ve lived in the Stirchley Area for over 12 years and this has be goning on for ever>!!.
All the propeties in the planning area are now empty, vanderlised ,eye sore and make Stirchley look like a rundown poor unfinanced area.
I think the blame falls squarely at the feet of the City Council,

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    Another Stirchley Is Possible is an action group set up by concerned local residents to oppose the planned Tesco retail development and to campaign for a better alternative


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